Milestones and Many Thanks!

I’ve reached a milestone of having 50 followers here on tumblr and I want to express my thanks for investing your time in viewing my art. Every note motivates me to keep showing my works and I appreciate every single one!

I want to take a moment now to ask you all, what would you like to see more of from me?

I’ve done monster girls, chibis, pr0n, anthros, creepies, and strange mixes of everything! What brought you here, and what convinces you to stay?

  • Please let me know! I’d love to show you all how much I care about your care! And to entice you to reply, I will be doing a giveaway! Every person that replies is entered to win a piece of art! I will end it on Wednesday the 30th of April and announce the winner on the 1st of May!

Once again, thank you everybody. I hope to show you more exciting art discoveries I make along the way!





I MEAN I LOVE PLAYING GAMES. I ADORE IT. But after over 10 hours on almost any given game, I’ll start thinking “I could be drawing” “I could be sculpting” “I could be animating” “I could be getting better at something”

and I just stop. It’s not even that the game doesn’t interest me anymore, it’s…